Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The St. Alban's Raid

By: Trevor Rowe

The St. Alban's Raid

Who: About twenty Confederate soldiers under command of a young lieutenant, Bennett Young.

What: The St. Alban's Raid was well organized and executed (since before the raid, 3 or 4 Confederate soldiers would go into the town disguised as travellers and would determine the exact locations of the banks, the number of employees and the best places to secure horses for escape). After securing enough money during the raid their second goal was to set a huge fire. Which they failed to complete and only managed to light a small shed. But the raiders returned safely to Canada where 13 were apprehended. The raiders ended up giving the money back.

Where: St. Alban's, Vermont.

When: October 19, 1864

Why: St.Alban's Raid was set to secure badly needed funds for the struggling Confederacy and if possible divert the Union troops from service in the South.

Text to Self: I think this factor was so important/influential to the development of Confederation because the realization that the border of Canada - U.S.A. was virtually undefendable.

Text to Self: This factor doesn't relate to anything going on in today's world. I think the impact or result of this factor on present day Canada is political. Because of the peace between Canada and the U.S.A because the realization that the border of Canada - U.S.A. was virtually undefendable.


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why did they want to set the fire as there 2nd goal?

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