Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Political Deadlock

Who? All of the political parties

Where? Canada (East, West)

What? Political deadlock

When? 1854-1864

Why? no government lasted long enough to give the colony political stability

- The leader of the liberals ( George Brown) tried to break the political deadlock by recognizing the greater population of Canada West in the electoral system.

-In 1863, he agreed to work with John A. Macdonald and George-Étienne Cartier, Macdonald's partner from Canada East, to make major changes. Which lead to the Great Coalition

- The political deadlock started in 1854 and ended in 1864

-In the period after the acceptance of the principle of responsible government, governments in Canada were very short-lived and insecure. Between 1854 and 1864, there were 10 different governments and no government lasted long enough to give the colony political stability. Why ? The political system produced several equal groupings in the assembly, and the political instability which developed led to political deadlock (a situation where no one can move or win in government) which paved the way to Confederation.


-Text to Self- I think that when they elect someone it should stay the same for until the leader dies because sometimes someone elects a certain party so that they can have there needs.

-Text to World- I think that lots of people vote when there is someone unusual to be running for president eg. A women, African American etc. ( because they used to not have the same rights as us.
By Trystan Shrive


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