Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Charlottetown Conferince


The Charlottetown Conference?
In 1864, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island were discussing the possibility of Maritime Union. British Columbia and Newfoundland weren't invited. Newfoundland asked to attend but with short notice they weren't able to have a representative at the conference.
The conference had two main idea's. The first one was to create a Maritime Union. The second idea came from the Canadians, to make one Canada. This idea was supported by all the delegates that attended the conference.
The delegates at the conference agreed to support the idea of the Canadas and the Maritime colonies together.
The meetings ended September 9th in Prince Edward Island. The delegates continued with meeting in Halifax, St. John and Fredericton.
There was enough support to discuss the one Canada, therefore a second conference was planned for October 10th 1864.

1. Text to self: This factor was important because it was the start of Canada becoming a country. This personally makes me feel proud that there were leaders that had the vision to create one Canada, that has developed into a great country we know today.

2. Text to World: The Charlottetown conference started the politics we have today in Canada. The way in which we vote for things around the world today is simalar to the way they voted.


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