Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the fenian raids

by: colin
the irish men who wanted independence form britian, so they became rebels.

the irish rebeled against the british to gain independence.

where: many different places like pigeon hill and missiquoi county raid.

when: from april 1866 to october 5 1870.

Why: the irish wanted to be an independent country so the rebeled against the british.

- most of the attaks were led by "generel" samuel spear.
-"general" john o'niell siad to his troops "men of ireland i am ashamed of you". he siad that because they killed no one.

text to world
when someone is trying to get a divorce but the other peron doestent so they fight back to get the person to stay with them.

text to self
when you are going to rebel against the goverment for something you want.

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