Tuesday, November 18, 2008

London Conference

By : Tyler

The London Conference was the last of the 13 confederations deciding whether or not Canada will become an independent country or not.

The London Conference was a much smaller one than those stationed in Charlottetown or Quebec, with only 16 people attending.

The members of the London Conference were representatives from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the province of Canada.

The London Conference officially begun on December 4th, 1866, after being delayed for several months for an unknown reason.

An "anti-union" organization, led by Joseph Howe, was in the way of the London Conference, because they were bent on overturning any and all union agreements.

Making Connections

Text to Self
I think that this was a very important event in Canadian history. Without the London Conference Canada would not be a whole, independent country it is today. Canada would have trouble functioning relying on Britain, across the Atlantic Ocean every time they had a problem.
I personally could not connect such an event to anything that has to do with me in any way.

Text to World
This conference still has an impact on the world today. This conference made Canada a country, not a part of Britain. Today we still have elections, agreements, debates, and a bunch of other forms to determine the fate of Canada.


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