Monday, November 17, 2008

The Constitution for the Dominion of Canada

By: Paul

5 Facts:

1. A constitution is the rules that control how a group or organization works.

2. The BNA Act which is now known as The Constitution Act of 1867, which is what cheated the Dominion of Canada, that made it have 2 levels of government which are federal and provincial.

3. The Constitution Act of 1867 is an Act for the Union of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Government.

4. All the colonies of the Constitution of 1867 were originally part of New France.

5. The idea of making all the colonies one country started in 1754 and was brought back by Lord Durham in 1839.

Personal Reflection and Connections

Text to Self:

I can connect this to myself because I live under the rules of the government and when i turn 18 I can vote for who I want to be government.

Text to World:

I can connect this to the world because they still have governments and people controlling countries, provinces and cities.


grade8history said...

wow paul that was a really interesting blog and i learned a lot form your blog.

by colin

grade8history said...

So i guess the constitution was kind of like the rules for Canada?