Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Charlottetown Confrence

By: Dustin Queen

The purpose of the Charlottetown conference was to bring delegates from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I to form a Maritime union. When Canada east and west heard about the conference, they suggested that they could also benefit from a union. Canada's suggestion was a British North American union.

The Charlottetown Conference began on September 1st 1864 and adjourned on September 9th 1864 however, the delegates continued with meetings in Halifax and Saint John's. The meetings were held closed and therefore there is little or no public knowledge about the events that happened.

The conference was not all business but also had some fun and games including various social activities, the oyster and champagne lunch, luncheons at the homes of local delegates and officials, seaside excursions and royal grand balls.

First to arrive in Charlottetown was Robert Dickey of Nova Scotia, on August, 30th 1864. Charles Tupper and four other delegates arrived on the afternoon of August 31st and New Brunswick's delegates followed late in the evening of the same day. On the day of the Conference Canada finally arrived on September 1st. In this case the conference did not start until the afternoon of September the 1st.

The meetings in Charlottetown were adjourned on September the 9th, 1864, however, delegates continued with meetings in Halifax, Saint John. It was decided that the idea of the British North American union had enough reasons to warrant further discussion and formal planning.


Text to self: The purpose of the the Charlottetown Conference was to unite people together to form a larger more powerful group that are all working towards the same goals. I can relate to the Charlottetown Conference because of the way family, friends and the community came together to support our family when my sister was ill. Each person did what they could big or small but the result was huge.

Text to world: The way the Charlottetown Conference worked in 1864 relates to how the world functions today in the year 2008. Countries like Canada and the United States of America often unite together to support one another in war creating a more powerful force.


grade8history said...

How were the delegates chosen?
Through votes?
Or chosen by the royal family?


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very interesting dustin good job.

grade8history said...

Did the pulbic have a say or was everything chosen by the delegates?

grade8history said...

good job Dustin it was very good well done.