Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Quebec Conference and the Seventy-Two Resolutions


When?: October 10-27, 1864.

Where? A building where the Chateau Frontenac is today.

What was it?: It was to have everybody come together to form one government and for each province to have it's own legislature.

Why?: So that each province can have its own legislature.

Who?: 33 delegates later known as the Fathers of Confederation.

In 1864 the delegates from all over B.N.A gathered together in Quebec city to discuss the terms of a union.

About a month earlier a few separate colonies all met in Charlotte town and decided that they should create a federation.

Many of the politicians at the Quebec conference were lawyers, but others included doctors, business men, and journalists.

Out of all of the 33 delegates only 4 were French.

The Quebec Conference went on for 3 weeks( debating by day and parties at night).

By the end of the Quebec Conference a basic constitution had been drafted but no without some dissatisfaction from some of the colonies.

Text To World.

I think tat the world can relate to this ecause it is what made us a Continent today.

Text To Self.

This Conference was so important because it made our Provinces all one Continent today.

I think that doing this research was very difficult because it was hard to understand and it had very many dfferent answers for the date especially.


grade8history said...

It doesn't seam fair that out of 33 delegates only 3 were french when the conference was taking place in Quebec

grade8history said...
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grade8history said...

Out of the 72 resolutions what were the most important ones. Which resolutions helped lead to confederation the most?


grade8history said...

Why were they called the "Fathers"???


grade8history said...

It doesn't sound like it was fair to the French, there were only 4 of them!
Great job with the explanation and I love the colours!