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The Great Coalition

The Great Coalition

By: Kiera

* refers to grand coalition of political parties formed in the province of Canada in 1864

* previous collapse of government demonstrated that continued governance of Canada East and Canada West under the 1840 act of union had become untenable.

*In order to reform the political system a coalition was formed between the clear grits under George Brown , The parti-blue under George-Etienne Cartier, and the Liberal-conservatives under John A MacDonald

* Formation of the coalition on June 22 1864 under Etienne-Paschal Tache and John A MacDonald this led directly to the Canadian confederation in 1867

*Was formed to stop a political deadlock between Upper and Lower Canada

* Government unable to pass anything-> had a double majority

* In order for a bill to pass there had to be a vote form both Canada East and Canada West

* The main problem was The French and The English voted against each other in everything

* Brown, MacDonald, Cartier joined together in a coalition on 2 conditions;
1. That Brown would receive 2 of the cabinet Posts for Upper Canada 2. That the new government has to be committed to resolving the constitutional difficulties of the province by supporting a federal union of all B.N.A colonies or if failed at least the 2 Canadas

* Although George Brown left in December 1865 he continued to support the government and the confederation

Making Connections:

Text to Self: I think that The Great Coalition is a big part of confederation because if the coalition didn't happen then we wouldn't be the country we are now we would have a different government. So therefore we would have different rules and different rules means maybe a new way of living or lifestyle.

Text to Self : I think The Great Coalition was a key factor leading to confederation because without Canada East and Canada West coming together then we would not have Canada as we know it now. The two colonies coming together gave Canada a chance to be multicultural. Even though the French and the English didn't like each other. They both played a big role in making Canada what we know it as.


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