Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fenian Raids


The Fenian Raids were an external factor that led up to confederation in B.N.A.

What are the Fenian Raids? The Fenian Raids was a rebellion against B.N.A. because they felt that they were not treated as equals.

The Fenians and British fought at Ridgeway near Niagra in 1866.

The Fenian brotherhood was an Irish organization that used armed rebellion in their attempt to gain their independence from Britain.

Between 1847 and1861 over 2 million Irish people crossed the Atlantic to North America and especially the U.S. to settle.

The Fenians felt that Britain had treated Ireland very poorlyand brought misery to its people.

The Fenians started organizing groups in the U.S. and especially the northern U.S. but the U.S. government did not stop them because they thought they would be helpful in the event of an American invasion from British North America

How did this lead up to confederation?

The Fenians uplifting, courage, strength, and belief of liberating Ireland, although futile was the ultimate legacy of the Canadien army.

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I think that the Fenian Raids were a very important factor that lead to confederation because they believed in fighting for the liberation of Ireland and they were the ultimate legacy for the Canadien military. I think the Fenian Raids made a big impact on B.N.A. !

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I do not think this relates to any thing going on in present day. I do not think this has any impact in present day Canada.


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Why was their organization named "Fenian"

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What did the government do about the Fenian Raids? Where did Fenian Raid happen in one place or all over B.N.A

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Very Interesting, I believe that you had put a lot of interesting facts in there, but only focused upon the Fenians Raids, you could've added more information on how that had led to confederation in the end, and also causing economic challenges for them.