Monday, November 17, 2008

The American Cival War 1861-1865

By Thomas Barry Tosh

The American civil war ended in 1865.

The Northerner's had won the the civil war in 1865 and the Canadians begun to worry.

The Northern States accused the British.

After the civil war the Americans continued to move west ward, following their belief in Manifest Destiny.

In the 1860's the Northern and the Southerns fought in the American civil war.

Who: The Americans, Northerner's and the Southerns.

Why: The people who fought in the American civil war.

When: The American civil war started at 1861 and ended 1865.

Making Connections.

Text to self. The American civil war reminds me of the peace keeping in Russia, The Canadian troops are dying trying to make Russia a better place.
Text to world: This is what is happening today.
That is about The American civil war that happened in 1861-1865


grade8history said...

Why were the north and south fighting to begin with?

grade8history said...

How and why did the war end?? Great job!

grade8history said...

nice job
why did the American begin fighting with each other and how did they make an agreement in the end?