Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Railway

The Railway
By: Eric

All of the colonies of British North America thought that a railway would upgrade their living
conditions. The colonies could not afford to build one by themselves because of the size and technology of building a railroad. The colonies decided to work together to build the railway. After the railway was built it increased trading and the colonies could move their troops around faster. The railway was a link for all of British North America's colonies. The railway made it easier for the colonies to communicate. It also helped British North America to spread out. Before the railway was built the only kind of transportation was by horse drawn wagons and the villages were forced to be near the coasts. After the railway people had the choice to leave their old lives and make a new living in different parts of British North America. The railway lead to confederation because it forced all of the colonies to work together to get what they wanted.

Text to Self-
I think that the colonies in B.N.A should have worked together sooner and then
B.N.A would have been able to become unionized and solve their countries problems together.
The railway probably use to be good technology in the old days. It reminds me of how now all
kinds of new machines are being made to help make our lives a little easier just like the railway

Text to World-
The impact of the railway helped to make what is known today as the Canadian Pacific railway. The railway helped make Canada a strong unionized country.

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grade8history said...

I think it's incredible that people today still travel across Canada by a railway that was invented so mnny years ago.