Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Reciprocity Treaty

Who? United States and Britain 

What? The Reciprocity took away customs tariffs so people could have trades without taxes.  After two years passed not B.N.A or the united states could break this agreement.

WhereWashington,  D.C 

When? June 5, 1854  

Why? They came to this treaty by people's demand both in Canada and the U.S to have freer trades between the two countries.

Rules of the treaty:
• Allow products of farms, mines and sea to cross borders tax free.
• The U.S could fish in the waters off the Atlantic colony
• Allowed Canadians to access U.S fisheries 

The end of the treaty:
The U.S decided to end the treaty in 1866 because they thought the Canadians were benefiting more in the treaty then they were.

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