Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Chesapeake Incident

The Chesapeake Incident
By Georgia :D

The British and Americans

What? The Leopard warship requested to search the Chesapeake for suspected deserters from the Royal Navy. The commander James Barron refused so Pryce Humphrey, the commander of the Leopard started an attack against the Americans. The British fired 3 broadsides, killing 3 people and injuring 18 including James Barron.

Barron quickly surrendered but but Humphrey did not accept the surrender and searched the Chesapeake and found 4 royal navy deserters.

The One British man was sentenced to death and hanged in Halifax and the other three Americans were sentenced to 500 lashes each, but the sentence was later commuted, and the British government eventually offered to return them to the U.S. and pay the reparations for damaging the Chesapeake.

June 23rd 1807

Off Norfolk, Virgina shore.

Why: The British wanted their soldiers.

Text to Self:
This reminds me of the story Peter Pan when Captain Hook and his crew have stolen kids from Netherland and Peter Pan and Wendy attack to get the people from their side back.

Text to World: This reminds me of all the wars all over the world that start over things that could be sorted out in a better way.


grade8history said...

Good job Georgia!
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Really good connections.


grade8history said...

Hey georgia
good job ! I did the Chesapeake Incident to , but Beverly was right your connections are good .
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