Monday, November 17, 2008

Repeal of the Corn Laws

By: Dana :)

Who? British and Americans :)

What? Taking away import and export laws and making it a free trade :)

When? 1846 :)

Where? Between Britain and the United States of America :)

Why? Because Britain was gradually losing the price advantage that they had over the Americans :)

-Corn Laws repealed in 1846 :)
-1850 they created free trade and the imported goods were allowed duty free :)
-Corn Laws governed the imports and exports of grain :)
-Canal System built :)
-Americans sent their wheat and flour to Britain-high tax :)
-Britain sent their wheat and flour to Americans- low tax :)


Text to Self: I think that repealing the Corn Laws influenced confederation because it comprised the taxes collected and made them need the ability to get along with other countries. :)

Text to World: I think that this relates to our government because they have to make very important decisions about imports and exports and their decisions have to appeal to everybody :)


grade8history said...

awesome job Dana.
its cool how you put
yours in all different
colours. it makes your blog
stand out more.

its cute:)

grade8history said...

^ that was from Jessie .

grade8history said...

Who do you think got the better deal out of the corn laws the British or the Americans?


grade8history said...

I don't like all of the smiley faces they are cheesy

grade8history said...

Good job Dana !
I like how you covered all of the who,what,where,when and why.It made it clear to me what happend .

from jamie :)