Monday, November 17, 2008

Reciprocity Treaty

By:Kilima Quest Osoro

On June 5, 1845 governor Elgin signed a reciprocity treaty with the united states. This treaty eliminated customs tariffs. The agreement also governed the rights of American and B.N.A fishermen , raw materials, and agricultural commodities. Although the trades between the two country's increased over the years the American politicians demanded the treaty be abrogated. In 1865 the American government announced that the treaty would be renewed, and it ended in 1866

text to self: I think that they should have increased the taxes back then but that's just me (i like money) but if they did eventually they would over throw the government and a dictator would rise.

text to world: The Reciprocity Treaty i kind of like importing and exporting from different country's.


grade8history said...

What are Tariffs? What are commodities? What does abrogated mean? Good Job Kilima ☺ ♥ By: Dana

grade8history said...

good job and what is a tariff

by paul