Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manifest Destiny

By: Mrs McGrath

Manifest Destiny is an external factor that led to Confederation in British North America.

Some interesting and important facts about Manifest Destiny are:

What is it? Manifest Destiny is a phrase or philosophy that reflects the quest of the United States for power. Americans believed that the U.S. was destined to conquer lands from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Who? The Americans

Why? Wanted power, land, resources and wealth

U.S was a powerful nation, democratic and capitalist.

When? This philosophy came about after the American Civil War.

Mission: to expand U.S. borders and "take over" B.N.A. They wanted to "conquer" the wilderness and reap the benefits (resources) available in the vast land area.

How did this lead to Confederation?

People were worried; concerned about a "take over". SO fear encouraged them to unite and be stronger. It would solidify the borders, for protection. AND the Fathers of Confederation wanted a strong federal government and wanted to protect the colonies from possible American invasion.

Make Connections

Text To Self:
What does Manifest Destiny remind me of or what do I think of?
It reminds me of people who think that they are more powerful or better than others. I think about bullies who may pick on others to gain power.

Text to World:
This reminds me of the War in Afghanistan and the U.S role in that fight.
It reminds me of WWII and how some try to have control over others.
And in WWI nations were trying to gain land.


grade8history said...

Mrs. McGrath

I found the concept of Manifest Destiny interesting. It reminds me of the War in Afghanistan and how the U.S has tried to impact other nations in the world.

grade8history said...
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grade8history said...

i found that your blog was very interesting!

grade8history said...

i found it interesting to :)

by paul

grade8history said...

I found that your blog was interesting to and how does Manifest Destiny relate to confederation
Thomas Tosh

KillaChar829 said...

@ Thomas Tosh:

The fear of being taken over by the American's drove the Canadian's to unite for protection against the awful United States. Imagine if Trump took over the whole continent! It would be chaos!